Friday, July 26, 2019

Project Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 10

Project Management - Essay Example The wildly important in the front row in mind is establishing an insurance company. Insurance company is an institution that focusses on insuring people on losses or damages. However, one can also insure himself or herself for any damage to oneself. It can be either death insurance or accident insurance. The insurance company will have other programs to help the needy. Hence, apart from insurance services, the company will have to work with institutions that have programs to help the needy. There are many options of who I would want to be in the future. Every person has a dream to be someone or somebody later. I prefer to be a great entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is an individual who identifies a business opportunity and gathers necessary goods and services to establish a business. Great people in the world have their dignity earned through their exceptional entrepreneurial skills. For example, Bill Gates, Edward Buffett and Carlos Slim gain their publicity due to the great entrepreneurship skills they have. Project management is the process of controlling certain activities that are essential towards achieving individual set goals. Project management is essential in aiding achievement of objectives. It gives a clear outline of how to carry out work to achieve the set objective. However, project management aids in avoiding time wastage, misuse of resources and helps in analyzing SWOT analysis. It is vital to have a goal in life. It helps in avoiding unnecessary activities. Project management is essential in helping achieve set goals. A goal is in association with a plan. Hence, failing to have a plan is planning to

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